You have found the car you want to buy and now what? Are you worried about the transport to your country? Don't worry! We have done this million times and we can help you.

We suggest discussing different ways of car transportation with our sellers. They will help you out and give you all the details.

There are three basic ways to transport the car to your country:

Drive your car home

In order to do this, you have two options:

  • You can rent temporary plates. You can see more about that process here.
  • You can bring your own plates from your country.

Transport the car on big professional trucks

We can help you find a company that:

  • Does the transport of vehicles to European and Non-European countries
  • Offers above standard insurance for entire cargo.

Transport the car on small trailers

  • We can help you find a transport company.
  • We will offer you the necessary equipment for car loading.