How to import cars from Denmark

In the section below, you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about buying and exporting a car from Denmark. However, if you have some additional questions, we are keen on helping you.

Most of the cars come with satisfactory service history. However, some of the cars might not have service history at all. Basically, it depends on the car.

Most of the cars have a satisfactory service history. We do occasionally get cars without a service history. Ask our sales staff for details.

Yes. We are always open to new possibilities and companies. Working with us means saving valuable time and focusing on your business instead of cars. We are trusted partners and once you work with us you will witness our work ethic and trust us even more. Also, we provide attractive price packages and huge benefits to our top partners because we value them.

We operate as a motor vehicle office and are therefore able to issue temporary number plates. Contact us with details on when you wish to collect your car and how long the plates must be valid for – we’ll then get everything ready for your arrival. We charge an €80 fee for this service in addition to the cost per day for your temporary plates. Alternatively, you can obtain your plates from the Danish tax authorities.

0 km. We are certified by the Danish tax authorities to value the car and can organise all the necessary re-registration paperwork on site.

Export plates cost €13 per day. If you would like to arrange plates for the car yourself, you can contact the Danish tax office located in Taastrup, which is +/-20 minutes’ drive from our office.

The price of export plates includes compulsory third-party motor vehicle liability insurance. If the car requires an all-risk (comprehensive) insurance, you are responsible for obtaining this.

Yes, we have several test plates at our disposal. Contact us before you arrive and we’ll get the car(s) ready for a test drive.

We sell cars to both dealers and private buyers. Our priority is car dealers - we are focused on finding new business opportunities and creating new business cooperation. Also, we are always open to private customers.

All our cars are test driven by our mechanics and all mechanical and cosmetic faults are recorded in our system so that our sales staff can always provide you with a correct description of the car.

Yes. We currently have standing agreements with hauliers who can transport your car to Poland and Germany.

We do not have direct contact with hauliers in all European countries, so we suggest you contact us to find out which countries we have contacts in. If you organise your own transport, we can help load your car using our ramp and professional loading tools.

The answer to this requires a somewhat more in-depth explanation, which you will find here: ”How to import cars from Denmark” 


All of the cars we offer are test driven and checked by our mechanics. Also, all of the mechanical and cosmetic faults are recorded in our system, so you will be provided with a correct description of the car.

The warranty is not provided, but you will be given an accurate description of the car and any possible mechanical and cosmetic faults.

Most of the time the car price can be negotiated, but sometimes the price is fixed, depending on the popularity of the car. We are very flexible about the prices especially if you buy a package of cars for your business needs. The more cars you buy, the more flexible we are.

Yes. However, if you want to test-drive a car you will have to book test-drive on our website at least 3 hours in advance, so we can prepare the car/s.

We work from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. However, car pick-ups can be done until 4 pm.

No. We open on weekends only for special pre-arranged car pick-ups.


You can reserve the car on our website by calling our sales team, pay the deposit fee (NON EU customers have to pay also a documentation fee) and agree with all terms and conditions of sale.The deposit fee is the fee you pay to reserve the car and the documentation fee is the deposit you leave which you get back after you give us the proper documentation when the buying process is over.

It’s pre-sale. After making the reservation our seller will contact you, an order confirmation is going to be issued. You will have three days to pay the deposit of 300euro for the car via bank transfer. If every detail is settled both for the buyer and us, we remove the car from the website and make an invoice in the name of the buyer or his company.

A company is required to send us the document of the company registration and validation of the CVR. A private buyer is required to send us the ID. After we validate the document, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail.

After you receive the order confirmation, you have 3 days to make deposit payment which is 300 euro. Then, the agreement is officially validated.

In that case, we put the car back for sale. However, if there are some problems with the payment, you can tell us. Maybe we will be able to help you with the payment info.

After you pay the deposit, you’ll have to wait 14 working days while we take the car to technical inspection and take care of documentation. When this is done, we will inform you that the car is ready for pick up. In some cases, there can be technical issues and there can be delays. That's why you shouldn’t make any plans for pick-up before you are informed that the car is ready for pick-up.

You can pick up your car after we inform you that the car is ready for pick-up. You shouldn’t make any plans for pick-up before that. Also, once you arrange the plans, you need to notify us about it at least 3 days in advance.

We advise our customers to use bank transfer, however, we allow paying cash on the day of the pick-up. We receive only Danish Krone and Euro. If you’re paying through a bank, we will need to receive the full amount of money 2 or 3 days before the pick-up. Also, the customer needs to mention the full V-number in the transfer. The person of transfer should be mentioned in the message if the name is not the same. We don’t allow pick-ups before we receive the money. Also, if you’re paying cash, know that we are not allowed to take more than 6500 euro in cash. For example, if the car costs 9000 euro and you want to pay in cash, you can pay 6500 euro in cash, but the rest (2500 euro) will have to be paid through a bank.

There are different ways in which you can arrange transportation with or without our help. You can receive the car by professional transport company on a trailer for 9 cars, or on a small trailer for 3 to 4 cars. Also, you can come, pick it up and drive it home by yourself. However, you will need either temporary plates, either plates bought from your home country for that.

You can get temporary plates through us, or by yourself. If you decide to get them through us, you will have to pay a commission of 50 euro per plates, plus 14 euro for each day of use. Security insurance is included in this price. The maximum days for temporary plates’ rental is six days and it depends on the country you’re exporting the plates to. However, if you want us to take care of the temporary plates, you will have to fill the form on our website at least four days before the pick-up. If you want to take care of the temporary plates by yourself we will give you an address of the place where you can do it.

There is a form on our website that you have to fill out. The form requires an ID or a driving license of the driver, address of the driver and digital signing of an authorization paper. Once you submit this form, you have already agreed with the terms and conditions of the temporary plates. That means that you can't change your mind about the temporary plates and you will be charged for them as well.

In some cases, we can help you arrange the transport through our connections, especially to Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and other Balkan countries.

No, after you pick up your car and take it to your country we will need some extra documentation. If the car is going to a non-EU country, we will need country border documentation and the new registration papers. If the car is going to an EU country, we will need proof that the car is registered in the new country. Also, if you’re using a third party to pick up the car, we will need confirmation from you that you received the car. We will send you the papers on the day of the pick-up. That means if you're buying the car for your company, we will need a signature and a company stamp. But, if you’re buying the car privately, we will need only your signature.

Depending on the country, this process can last up to two months.

You pay an extra fee for documentation when you buy the car which you get back once you submit the documentation. So, if you don’t send the documents, you don’t get the money for the documentation fee back.