Our History

As Denmark’s largest buyer of used cars for export, both Danish car dealers and private car owners rely on our expertise when looking to sell their used cars. That’s why you’ll always find a wide selection of car brands and models among our stock. We always have over 250 cars in stock and new vehicles arriving for sale every day! We export cars to dealers and private buyers throughout Europe.

Engros Biler Danmark was established in 2012 by Nicklas Mathias Ahlgren, who launched the company at a very young age, having his first office in a room at his parents’ home. He had entered the car industry in 2010 and had quickly identified a business opportunity. Danish car buyers usually have a preference for cars they want to stock. Therefore, Danish car dealers were forced to do business with several different buyers in order to sell the cars they had acquired through trade-in deals. Nicklas spotted an opportunity to stand out by taking everything the car dealers wanted to sell.

The cars are sold to customers in the European market, and through hard work, the company has succeeded in establishing partnerships with a number of car dealers to ensure the quick turnaround of stocked vehicles.

The concept at Engros Biler Danmark can be categorized as a success story! Today, our cars are exported to 12 European countries, and even countries outside of Europe. The company continues to grow and has – within a few short years – it has become Denmark’s largest buyer and exporter of used cars.



  • Our customers always get the best value for money when they buy a car from us. When we reach a large number of car sales, we can afford to sell cars at a lower profit margin.
  • We always maintain and expand our – already solid – network of business partners.
  • Our professional customers and suppliers always get a good deal when they trade with us – and that is our primary business approach.
  • We aim to be always open and welcoming to everyone. Also, we aim to offer exceptional service starting from the initial contact with the client until the sale has been completed.
  • Our priority is to continuously have a large stock of interesting cars.


The future

Within the next few years, Engros Biler Danmark aims to establish more international business partners and open businesses abroad, from where we can sell exported cars. On the Danish market, the aim is to open five car showrooms that will cover the whole price spectrum and all types of cars in the used car market.

The first one, Ahlgren & Andersen Automobiler, opened in 2016 and sells midrange used cars to private buyers in Denmark. This provides a sales channel for cars that are unsuitable for the export market.


No one grows faster than Engros Biler Danmark – Our sales figures speak by themselves

Why choose us?

What you see, is what you get! You will get an honest description of the cars we have on sale and will not find our cars at better prices stocked by other exporters. The large flow of cars passing through our business enables us to accept a low-profit-margin.