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Below, you can read a guide on how to import a car from Denmark via Engros Biler Danmark.

1. Choose your cars

Choose the cars you want from our stock. The process is quick. When you have chosen your favourite cars, contact our sales staff via email or phone, or just click the contact button on the specific advertisement. 

2. Contact and confirm your order

After corresponding with our sales staff, confirm your order directly with your designated salesperson to reserve your car. Our sales staff can communicate in English, Polish, Danish, Russian, Slovakian and Rumanian.

Reservation policy:

  • Cars can be reserved for up to 2 days without paying a deposit.
  • Cars can be reserved for more than 2 days by paying a deposit of €300.
    For the reservation to be valid, a receipt for the transfer/payment must be emailed to us within 24 hours.

3. Invoicing

You will receive an invoice via email. Brand, model, price, payment information and general terms and conditions will be specified on the invoice.

4. Payment

Bank account details are included on the invoice. You can pay by cash at our office (DKK 50,000 max per car) or via bank transfer. Remember the applicable reservation rules.

5. Transport

As soon as we have received payment, you will receive a payment confirmation and an estimated time for when the car will be ready for transport. We can help you arrange transport, or you can arrange transport, as long as you keep our sales team updated on when to expect the driver. See our FAQs for more information on number plates for transport.* *(Danish tax regulations stipulate that all cars sold for export can be selected for further inspection before being transported out of Denmark – this may slow down the process. This procedure is beyond our control, but our sales team will do their very best to keep you updated should your car be selected!)


Collection policy

  • For purchases of 1-3 vehicles, the cars must be collected within 5 days.
  • For purchases of more than 3 vehicles, the cars must be collected within 10 days.

6. Documents

All documents (registration papers, invoice, etc.) will be delivered to you or your driver when the car is collected at our shop. 

7. Final confirmation

When the transport is under way, our sales staff will contact you to let you know that the car is on its way to you.


Special requirements may apply if you wish to import a car to a country that is not a member of the European Union. For more details, see below.

If you wish to import a car to a non-EU country

You need to have the relevant border documents stamped when you cross the border to your home country.

The CoC and registration certificates for the car and your invoice need to be translated into the language spoken in the country to which the car is being exported.


If you wish to import a car to an associated country

Your invoice and registration certificate need to be translated into the language spoken in the country to which the car is being exported.


General information

The export/import process involved in buying cars in Denmark is the same as in Germany and relatively simple.

The registration certificate from Denmark consists of two parts.

Cars are inspected upon export from Denmark.