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Welcome to Engros Biler Danmark

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We are Denmark’s largest buyer of used cars for export. We always have over 250 vehicles in stock and new cars arrive for sale daily!

Danish car dealerships and private car owners both use our expertise when they want to sell their used cars.  That’s why you’ll always find a wide selection of all car brands and models in stock.

We export cars to dealers and private buyers throughout Europe.

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No one grows faster than Engros Biler Danmark
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What makes us able to offer you used cars at Europe’s cheapest prices?

In Denmark, a large proportion of a car’s price stems from a tax payable to the State. When we de-register a car, we get the Danish car tax reimbursed. We resell the car for export without any tax or additional costs – and the result is Europe’s cheapest used car prices.

Our business model is simple – quick turnaround, high volume and a low profit margin on each car.

That’s why we are always able to offer you a good deal that gives you more car for your money compared to other exporters.

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Why buy a car from us?

Satisfied customers come back – that’s our experience too.

They do this for two main reasons: low prices and a high-quality service. These two concepts rarely go hand-in-hand, but they do in our case.

As the customer, you are our focus. You can rest assured that you will always receive good service and serious, professional advice. Our staff speak more than 6 languages combined, ensuring minimum language barriers and a positive shopping experience.

We can assist with every aspect of the buying process: we’ll find the perfect car for you, prepare export documentation, organise temporary license plates, and assist with transportation to your home country, if required.

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